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Alterations to The Study Tapes

07 Feb 01

I want to thank Freddie T ( for his post regarding the mysterious appearing and vanishing Study Tapes, as it forced me to go and research this phenomenon for myself.

So, I have gone back and personally reviewed The Study Tapes to look for alterations. I only have access to two different versions of these tapes, 1982 and 1987, so I am therefore, at the present, unable to review any earlier versions. Based upon my own observations, it now appears to me that the alterations began very quietly, in the early seventies.

I have not yet reviewed the actual transcripts for deletions, as this will take some time with 10 tapes. I have however, performed a cursory review of the overall package, and below are my findings.

The 1982 version contains 10 tapes, the 1987 version contains 12 tapes (and according to Safe, the latest versions have 9 tapes).

The 1982 version says

copyright 1956, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1981, 1982 by L. Ron Hubbard

First Printing 1981

Second Printing 1982

As mentioned above, it contains 10 tapes. They are the following:

  • Tape 1 Studying: Introduction
  • Tape 2 Studying: Data Assimilation
  • Tape 3 A Summary of Study
  • Tape 4 Study: Gradients and Nomenclature
  • Tape 5 Study: Evaluation of Information
  • Tape 6 Study and Education
  • Tape 7 A Review of Study
  • Tape 8 Study and Intention
  • Tape 9 Training: Duplication

(Note: the first nine lectures above, were given as part of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, and in the '82 transcripts, the appropriate SHSBC tape number is referenced. Lectures 1 - 7 were given between 18 Jun 64 and 22 Sep 64, Lecture 8 was given on 18 Aug 66, and Lecture 9 was given on 24 Jan 62.)

Tape 10 Education

(In the '82 transcripts, Tape 10 is referenced as Organization Series Lecture No. 3, given on 25 Oct 56.)

The 1987 version says copyright 1981 by L. Ron Hubbard Revisions copyright 1987 by L. Ron Hubbard Library

  • First Printing 1981
  • Second Printing 1982
  • Third Printing 1983
  • Revised Edition 1987

(Interesting choice of words here, does this mean that only the REVSIONS are copyrighted by CST???)

In the 1987 version, all references to SHSBC tape numbers are missing, as is any reference on tape number 10 regarding the Organization Series. The only thing contained in the transcripts is just the date of the lecture.

Also in the 1987 version, each individual tape is labled with a cassette number as opposed to Tape #1, Tape #2, etc. The coding for the cassette numbers is as follows: Tape #1 is listed as Tape # 6406 C18, Tape #2 is listed as 6407 C09, etc. The first four numbers represent the year and month the lecture was given, 6406 being 1964, sixth month (June). I assume that the C means "cassette", 18 means the 18th day of the month.

The two additional tapes in the 1987 version are:

  • 5610C25 Methods of Education
  • 5610C30 Education: Point of Agreement

A couple of things I found interesting are the fact that lectures 10 & 11 were both given on the same night (25 Oct 56) as part of the Organizational Series, and both have to do with education, but lecture 11 was not included in the '82 version. According to references, Ron gave these lectures on Thursday nights (once a week) between 18 October and 13 December of 1956 to "the combined bodies of Wasington, D.C., Academy and the 15th Advanced Clinical Course, plus the staffs of Washington and Silver Spring" (Red Vol no. II, copyright 1976, page 544). The other interesting thing is that this means that lecture 12 was given on a Tuesday evening, but I haven't yet discovered what it was a part of.

I have not personally seen the latest version of the Study Tapes from RTC, but according to Safe, the three missing tapes are lectures 10, 11, and 12.

The alterations/deletions that I have noticed so far (from the '82 version to the '87 version), are contained in the "Important Note" at the very front of the transcripts, the small "Definitions" section following, the "Introduction" (which is completly different), and the "About the Author" section at the end (which is also completly different). Wow! Why all these changes?

Here is some of what is missing from the Important Note section of the1987 version:

"One of the biggest barriers to learning a new subject is it's nomenclature, meaning the set of terms used to describe the things it deals with. A subject must have accurate lables which have exact meanings before it can be understood and communicated. If I were to describe parts of the body as "thingamabobs" and "whatsernames", we would all be in a confusion, so the accurate naming of something is a very important part of any field.

A student comes along and starts to study something and has a terrible time of it. Why? Because he or she not only has a lot of new principles and methods to learn, but whole new language as well. Unless the student understands this, unless he or she realizes that one has to "know the words before one can sing the tune", he or she is not going to get very far in any field of study or endeavor."

Now WHY would RTC delete this VITAL information right at the very beginning of a course on study? Because according to Ron, "Unless the student understands this... he or she is not going to get very far in any field of study or endeavor." Could this be what RTC REALLY wants?

But wait... don't answer yet. There is more vital data that has been removed from this section at the very beginning of the course...

"That is why we have our technical and administrative dictionaries. It will not only be the new and unusual words that you will have to look up. Some commonly used words can be misidentified and so cause confusion. So don't depend on our dictionaries alone. Use a general English language as well for any non-Scientology word you do not understand when you are reading or studying.

Dianetics and Scientology words and their definitions are the gateway to a new look and understanding of life.

These transcripts serve a vital purpose: If students listening to tapes have the text of the tape in hand they can follow the tape rapidly and spot their misunderstoods. This book does NOT supplant the tapes as to *how* the words were said."

This whole section is signed L. Ron Hubbard.

Again I ask, WHY would RTC delete this vital information right at the very beginning of a course on study?

The Important Note section in the squirreled 1987 RTC version is NOT signed L. Ron Hubbard (with good reason), it is left blank. Because SOMEONE has been ALTERING his works, and that SOMEONE wants to remain hidden.

There is also a small section (two paragraphs) entitled "New Words" that has been replaced (in the 1987 version) with a section entitled "Definitions". The two are entirely different. The earlier version (New Words) was much more specific and exact in it's meaning, and gave a much fuller understanding.

As I mentioned above, the next section "Introduction" is totally different in the 1987 version, so I would have to reproduce the entire section to show what was deleted (which I am not going to do). However, here is a small excerpt from the missing section:

"The first seven of these lectures wer given in 1964 to students on the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, a special course given at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex, England, designed to assist people in perfecting their practice of Scientology. The eight lecture was given in 1966 while Ron was researching further into advanced levels of Scientology; and the ninth lecture was done earlier, in 1962. The tenth lecture, given in 1956 to students of Scientology on the 17th Advanced Clinical Course, contains valuable data on what education really is and how to handle problems in it using Scientology."

Again, WOW! All these changes and deletions, and we haven't even gotten to the lectures themselves yet. Notice what was deleted above - any references to source. And you can see what is on one of the now missing tapes: "valuable data on what education really is and how to handle problems in it using Scientology".

As I also mentioned earlier, the section at the back "About the Author" has been totally changed in the 1987 version. In the 1982 version it is six pages long, and contains a LOT of data. In the 1987 version, it is slightly over one page long. Just a little missing data there. Here are some snippets of what was contained in the earlier 1982 version:

"...L. Ron Hubbard dates his own statement of the discovery of of the primary law of life, summarily expressed by the command "Survive!" at 1938. He says, "A work was written at this time which embraced man and his activities." This was the still unpublished "Excalibur"...

...He survived the early war in the South Pacific. He saw enough of war at first hand to be sickened by it. In 1944, crippled and blinded, he found himself in Oak Knoll Naval Hospital...

...Altogether, he spent nearly a year at Oak Knoll, during which time he synthesized what he had learned...

...He concluded that the results he was obtaining could help others toward greater ability and happiness, and it was during this period that some of the basic tenents of Dianetics and Scientology were first formulated...

...By 1947 he recovered fully.

In 1948 he wrote Dianetics: The Original Thesis, his first formal report of his discoveries about the mind and life...

...What was needed was a complete popular text on the subject which would answer all questions. A publisher, Hermatige House, was anxious to print such a book...

...This was the anatomy of the mind, and a technology...

...Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health exploded onto the booklists of May 1950...

...Realizing already at this stage that the mind in itself, no matter how liberated, was limiting and that there was something "animating" the mind, he permitted the founding in 1950 of the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation to facilitate investigation into the realm of the spirit. Thus was Scientology born...

...on August 10, 1950, in a public appearance before a jammed house of over 6,000 enthusiastic people in the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, he introduced and interviewed a Clear on stage...

...The following week, professional level courses started under his personal direction at the Los Angeles department of the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation.

The United States Government at this time attempted to gain control over all his researches and get him to work on a project "to make man more suggestible" and when he was unwilling, tried to order him back to active military duty to perform this function. He was able to instantly resign from the navy and escape this. In retrospect it appears the government never forgave him for this and soon began vicious, covert international attacks upon his work..."

There is much, much more contained in this earlier version. It is a wealth of information about the early days of Dianetics and Scientology describing in great detail where Ron was a certain times, what lectures he gave, radio interviews, books written, development of various organizations, development of the tech, etc. It is really a shame that RTC, in it's "wisdom" has chosen to eliminate all this valuable data.

Perhaps those still in the "church" can ask management why this is so. But if you do so, be prepared for reverse-ethics, reverse-auditing, black PR, and if you persist, a declare.

Yours for getting the truth known,

Theta One

David Griffin