STH-Tape 7 A Review of Study

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Study Tape 7

Alterations in The Study Tapes

Tape 7: A Review of Study

14 Feb 01

This is a comparison of two different versions of The Study Tapes, 1982 and 1987 versions, done by listening to an '87 tape, while reading from an '82 transcript, in order to find out what has been cut out of the '87 tapes by RTC.

The first alteration is right at the very beginning of the lecture. I have enclosed the deleted portion [in brackets] below.

"...22nd of September AD 14, Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. Is that correct?

Audience: Right.

[All right, some kind of an announcement here. Your last Friday lecture examination grade was the highest it has ever been. Now, I'm trying to write some books and so forth. The more lectures I give, why, the less books I write in actual fact. We may here, I don't guarantee this, but we may have worked out the pattern here by which we will give a Tuesday lecture, to be re-heard on Thursday and examined on Friday. How's that?

Audience: Yeah! Good!

All right, very good.]

All right, today's lecture is a review lecture..."

The next deletion is about a page into side 2:

"...and some educational question will come up, you see?

And you say, "Well, you see, you can process somebody in order to -

They'll say, "Well, yes, but now, in teaching a child, do you ...?"

And [you'll say, "What the hell,] which way is this cat jumping?["]

Well, I think you'll eventually see..."

Now the funny thing about this particular deletion on the tape is the fact that somebody forgot to revise the transcript also. The part that is deleted from the tape, is still shown in the '87 transcripts. Oops.

The final deletion is near the end of the tape, and begins at the end of a paragraph.

""Where am I at? What - what's going on?" See, well, he doesn't know there's any knowledge in existence anyplace that he doesn't know. That's one of the first things he doesn't know. He thinks everything in the world has already been found out. He doesn't know that the society is in any way deficient. [begin deleted section] Look at the way somebody out on the street will complain about a past life, or complain about a something-or-other.

You can take some bird who's howling like mad about the fact there's no such thing as implants, and start to say "Well, say this word", give him an item in a Helatrobus line plot, and the meter goes bluuh, and goes bluu! and give him the next item, "Say that word" - Bluu! Bluu! Well, if there's no such thing as an implant where's all that coming from? Meters don't run for the fun of it. But to teach him something like this?

[end deleted section]

So what you in Scientology are up against is actually not the meaness of the society, or the cussedness of the society, nor the unwillingness of the society to be helped, or any of those things. You're not even up against the ignorance of the society. You're actually up against the incorrect study technology of the society, which prohibits them from learning that there is more to know..."

This concludes the alterations from the 1982 version to the 1987 version of tape 7.

Theta One