STH-Tape 6 Study and Education

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Study Tape 6

Alterations in The Study Tapes

Tape 6: Study and Education

13 Feb 01

This is a comparison of two different versions of The Study Tapes, 1982 and 1987 versions, done by listening to an '87 tape, while reading from an '82 transcript, in order to find out what has been cut out of the '87 tapes by RTC.

At the beginning of the tape, there is a small deletion of a few words. The deleted words are [enclosed in brackets] below:

"So education - education I would define as something that is for blood, and I would say that many things pass under the heading of education which aren't. [I'm not talking if -] this is a good English dictionary definition, you see?"

There is one more deletion like the above near the end of side 1:

"So [here's this very interesting -] here's this very interesting technical line. That's a technical line, man..."

These were the only deletions from the '82 version to the '87 version for tape 6, which I found curious, considering the rather extensive changes on some of the other tapes. For whatever reason, RTC has left this tape fairly in-tact.

Now, while I was listening, I found some rather interesting things which I would like to pass along. Towards the end of side 1, Ron is discussing the survival of a body of knowledge, a subject, and says the following:

"But where you get a subject coming on down the line across the millenia, and so forth, it is only because it's purpose is carried with it. It's purpose has gone along with it, and it's purpose is understood.

Now, one could destroy that subject by destroying it's purpose - no longer needed, you see - or by destroying the relay of it's technology in some fashion or another, or in being too insistent or too forceful in in relaying it's technology..."

So I looked at this in-terms of what RTC and the current Int Mgmt have been doing with the subject, along with other forces on the outside of the church.

RTC (from the inside) has been systematically destroying the technology, and being extremely forceful in it's squirreled application thereof, while other forces (on the outside) have been systematically promoting a false purpose for the technology.

In other words, insisting that the real purpose was X when it was originally intended to be Y. Now people on the outside, seeing only the squirreled texts and forceful application, of course, see X. So how could they believe otherwise than the purpose really was X. So the REAL purpose is no longer understood by the culture as a whole, and only a destructive purpose is seen in it's place.

The only ones that would really understand that the original purpose was Y, were those that had studied the original materials before they were altered, and who had been around the subject before it was so severely altered and degraded by RTC.

So, by a combination of these two factors, the relay of the technology has been disrupted from the inside, and the original purpose is no longer understood on the outside. In terms of a military maneuver, this would be akin to a pincers movement whereby the enemy is attacked from opposite flanks, caught between the pincers as it were, and squeezed until dead.

A little farther along in the tape, Ron is discussing the process of educating someone in a particular subject, and the length of time it takes someone to get up to a proficient or professional level in some area, and how this can have a detrimental effect:

"...the longer it takes to approach the education, the more opportunity there is for tacks on the runway. We could probably state that in a much more easily expressed way, but that's but the way it is. If this character is taking off, taking off, taking off, taking off, he's running on the runway, he's trying to get up speed, everybody is saying: "Well, you mustn't pull back on the stick yet. You must stay there on the runway, and keep running on the runway, ready to take off, ready to take off, ready to take off, ready to take off"; well, by the time he's done this about 45 years and finds out he isn't off the ground, he doesn't take off.

The reason for that is... the number of opportunities to fail are directly proportional to the length of the approach. That's a law."

Again, I looked at this particular statement in-terms of current members in the church. I personally encountered this very phenomenon when I was trying to go up the Bridge IN THE CHURCH (I no longer have this problem now that I am out). The goal was continually out of my reach. It kept being moved back, moved back, moved back. Each time I moved forward a step or surmounted a barrier, another artificial barrier was errected in it's place. And I was continually given the wrong indication that the WHY was me.

From talking to others, and reading many other personal stories on the web, I see that many, many others have experienced exactly the same phenomenon as I. Mine was not an isolated experience, but rather, apparently, the norm.

Theta One