STH-Tape 5 Study: Evaluation of Information

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Study Tape 5

Alterations in The Study Tapes

Tape 5: Study: Evaluation of Information

12 Feb 01

This is a comparison of two different versions of The Study Tapes, 1982 and 1987 versions, done by listening to an '87 tape, while reading from an '82 transcript, in order to find out what has been cut out of the '87 tapes by RTC.

WARNING - this tape has undergone extensive editing by RTC, so it may be difficult to track with what has been moved to where on the tape. Sections have been rearraged on this tape. To quote Ron from this lecture:

"...and you connect the right or slightly wrong mass with the right or slightly wrong significance, and you get this mismatch one way or another and you get catastrophe..."

Right at the beginning of the tape where Ron is joking around with the audience, two paragraphs have been deleted here.

The tape then resumes with:

"All right, what's the date?..."

Within less than a minute, another large section has been modified, some of it deleted, and some of it moved to another spot in the tape, completely jumbling the original order. The cut begins in the middle of a paragraph:

"...This is one of the most successful lines of lectures I think I've ever engaged upon, most productive of cataclysmic and colossal results - really fabulous. [begin deleted section] So that I have not sweat through "You take the sodium bichloride and you put it into the bichromate and get bisulfite because it precipitates negatives", you know, and so on."

And the following has all been deleted:

"I remind you that about late spring I decided to study study and find out what study was all about, and so on, and go along this particular line.

Your grades keep going up the more I talk about study.

The casus belli, as the hootch dancer said, is a very, very deep seated thing called words. But of course, all GPMs are composed of words. They're actually not composed of English words; they're composed of significances which are connected to masses. These masses are very capable of pushing somebody's head off."

The section immediately following this has been moved back on the tape, and another section inserted ahead of it. The '87 tape then picks up with:

"The liability - the professional liability of the Scientologist is the fact he's dealing with significances and he's dealing with masses; and you connect the right or slightly wrong mass with the right or slightly wrong significance, and you get this mismatch one way or another and you get catastrophe, and that's the way life she is lived." In the original lecture, this sentance began with Now, instead of The.

The tape then resumes with:

"Now, you really shouldn't be terribly concerned about this as a Scientologist. The electrician gets used to handling 10,000 volts, the circus performer thinks that it's quite nothing to pat lions on the nose; and I call your attention that the public at large look at an electrician handling some voltage lines, or something like that, and they're horrified, see?"

Now, what has RTC done to the original meaning of what Ron was saying? When you listen to the '87 tape, you hear Ron saying that you shouldn't be concerned about the mismatch of connecting the wrong significances with the wrong masses. But that is NOT what Ron said AT ALL. By their covert editing, RTC has made it APPEAR that way. What Ron originally said one shouldn't be concerned about was "pushing somebody's head off" because of the masses in a GPM, because as one becomes a professional auditor, one becomes capable of addressing this area without causing someone's head to come off. And what did Ron say in the original lecture about this mismatch: " get this mismatch one way or another and you get catastrophe..."

The tape then continues with:

"And you look at a lion trainer in a cage...", and it continues in-tact, down to "I'm not talking about whether you get better, or whether you become clear or OT or anything else; I'm just talking on a very down to earth, rock-bottom sort of approach."

Then, the following is deleted out:

"GPM words are the lions, the high voltage, the various other professional danger points with which you live in Scientology - the words, the words of the GPMs, and that sort of thing.

Now, you take these words and you go out and throw them in the teeth of the public out here, see? You can actually watch sombody turn green, and all of a sudden he'll start going "Yuuh-uh-uh!" Well, he goes, walks out someplace and falls on his head, true! And he's liable to get quite ill, and that sort of thing.

All right. Well, he's just not used to lions, do you see? He couldn't even trace it back to why he feels so ill; he knows nothing about this."

Then the tape continues again with:

"Well, this is a rather happy area to be a professional in...", and continues in-tact up to "So the business of being in the business of the mind, and so forth, has liabilities but it has, of course, a great many things that are very good."

Begin the next deleted section:

"And when you start fooling around with GPMs, you know very well you can knock your head off; you know very well that this is not something to lightly fool with; you know very well what they can do to somebody. You see somebody around on crutches gimping around, he's got arthritus - arthitus, exclamation point, you see, and so on. What's the matter with him? Well, he's just all wound up in a GPM someplace; that's really all that is wrong with him. Even if it's an engram, why, it's held in place with a GPM. That's the way he lives, that's what it's going on with.

You've heard people go around and say, "Well, it doesn't matter, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never..." Oh, yeah?"

The section where Ron originally said "Now, the professional liability of a Scientologist..." originally went here, up to where he said "...and that's the way life she is lived."

Now, this next section has been deleted:

"And you want to know about "What is human behavior? What are the basic elements of existence? What makes matter stay here?" The physicicist out there, he is busy studying conservation of matter - or conservation of energy, rather - he's busy studying conservation of energy, conservation of energy. He's just going on with this, on with this, on with this, and he's riding himself into the ground. Sooner or later, why, he's going to strike "to kill all energy" or something of the sort, as his interpretation of a GPM and build an atom bomb, something like this. He's got to do something, you see, in this particular line. He becomes obsessed along the line."

The tape then resumes with "Now, the psychiatrist and psychologist, and so forth...", and remains in-tact through his discussion of advertising, and up to where he begins discussing the subject of words being booby-trapped. One sentence has been edited out of the paragraph that begins with "Now the whole subject of words booby-traps a person's effort to find out what's going on...". The deleted sentence is [shown in brackets] below:

"...Information is going to be relayed with words, you're going to find out about things with words, and those words are booby-trapped. [They match up the GPMs, the woof and warp of the mind.] They've got the mind push-buttoned."

The next alteration is just past the half-way point on side 2, with a snip of two sentences. The snipped sentences are [show in brackets] below:

"But if you're going up the line with any study on a basis of doingness, you should go up the line on a basis of gradients. [And my first lecture to you on this subject had to do with gradients.] And you will find the first time the individual's doingness caved in was right after, right after he had hit too steep a gradient. He didn't cave in on the steep gradient, he caved in instantly before he hit the steep gradient. [I'll talk to you more in a later lecture about processing people using this exact principle of too steep a gradient.] It's quite interesting. But it'll be the gradient that he failed on...".

This concludes the alterations from the 1982 version to the 1987 version of tape 5.

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