STH-Tape 2 Studying: Data Assimilation

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Studiertape 2

Alterations in The Study Tapes

Tape 2: Studying: Data Assimilation

09 Feb 01

As stated earlier, this is a comparison of two different versions of The Study Tapes, 1982 and 1987 versions, done by listening to an '87 tape, while reading from an '82 transcript, in order to find out what has been cut out of the tapes by RTC.

The editing begins very early on this tape, with part of a sentance deleted. There is a paragraph that begins with: "Nomenclature. Nomenclature. What does a word mean?" and ends with: "So nomenclature is a major stumbling block in any study."

Immediately afterwards, this was deleted:

"Now, there are no vast, well-worked up glossaries in Scientology, but there is a glossary on Class VI material; and"

Then the tape resumes with:

"part of nomenclature is the recognition of what the definition is. It's one thing just to have the definition, and it's another thing to have an idea of what the definition means."

Then, right here, another rather large section has been seamlessly edited out:

"Now, you get yourself a thing like a GPM. All right, let's take that as nomenclature. GPM means "goals problem mass". Unless you combine such a thing with an observation and work on the clay table, and so forth, even the nomenclature is relatively meaningless. It is a thing, in other words. There is something called a GPM. It's not an idea, it is a GPM. There's one or two pcs around (not necessarily in the course) who are stumbling all over the place on GPM because they are in disagreement with that peice of nomenclature. And they are saying, "Well, it doesn't have mass, it's just Ron's idea that it has mass, see, and it doesn't have mass." So therefore, of course, there is no such thing as a GPM.

Well now, trying to audit somebody on something of which there is no such thing as, is just a little bit difficult. So here's the oddity about this, a GPM: It's true, it's a "goals" - matched items, one against the other and very matched and held in mid-air, from which it gets "problem". So that nomenclature is adapted to the subject at a time when not all is known about it so it can be described and worked with, don't you see?"

The tape then resumes with:

"Now, we move on a litttle bit further and we find out there probably could have been better nomenclature...and you would get a total catastrophe if you went and shifted the thing, and we can't go on referring to it as 'the thing'"

And then the next deleted section:

"So we go on calling it a GPM. Well now, of course GPM means "goals problem mass", but that's not important. It's not important what the G means or the P means or the M means. This is a symbol that stands for something. Well, what is this thing? So if you're simply content to say, "Well, a GPM is a thing, and it has this form and construction", and work with it on a clay table, all of a sudden you begin to understand what it is."

The tape then resumes, but has a few more words edited out:

"Now you're in a never-never land that has never been explored. There is no language to adequately represent [begin deleted section] any of these [end deleted section] parts of the mind."

The next edited section begins with:

"So there's a certain necessity here to maintain a constant on nomemclature and terminology."

And then the editing begins again, with the following section removed:

"And the word GPM will never, never be changed. It's in too much, too long, too often, don't you see? Now, another responsibility is not develop too many of them, not to go whole hog on the subject, not to try and name everything in sight some new peculiar name that nobody would ever get around the end of."

Then the tape resumes again with:

"The vocabulary of Scientology is probably about 472 major words..."

Next, I found a rather (in my opinion) stupid edit of Ron's words where he is talking about pianos and organs. The section begins with:

"Well, it's a pretty trick percussion instrument and you have to be pretty virtuosity on it, but an organ - you can throw a key on an organ and make it sound like a piano."

In the above section, "but an organ - " was seamlessly changed to "Also,".

The next deleted section comes right at the end of paragraph that ends with:

"...that is, if they thought for a while they might possibly be able to remember what an engram is, see? Now, that's the grasp of it."

This next section was, again, seamlessly edited out:

"So they read a sentence and it says, "Of course, there may be an engram in the middle of the GPM." And they have to think, "There might be an engram - an engram - an engram... I don't quite know quite what that means, so I'll just learn this much of it: There might be something in the middle of a GPM." And they go on into the next paragraph, and this has made an impression on them that there's something they don't know about a GPM, and that's what carries on into the next paragraph."

The tape then resumes again with:

"And as they go on studying past these points of uncomprehended nomenclature..."

The final alteration is on side 2 of the tape where Ron is talking about communicating with animals. The paragraph begins with:

"So I don't know what the barriers of communication are. I have a greater insight into the fifth dynamic lately than I have had before, and I hav found that you can go a lot deeper into the fifth dynamic."

Then, this next part was cut out:

"In fact, I've pretty well got an idea of what GPMs and so forth certain animals and insects and so forth get stuck in, and just about how they go go into that particular zone or area and how they go out the bottom. I've had a little - quite a little bit more insight into this."

The tape then resumes with:

"But anyway, that being as it may, the point is..."

This is the end of the alterations from the 1982 version to the 1987 version.

Theta One