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Alterations in The Study Tapes

Tape 1: Studying: Introduction

09 Feb 01

A couple of days ago, I began reviewing the tapes themselves to look for alterations. This is a comparison of two different versions of The Study Tapes, 1982 and 1987 versions, done by listening to an '87 tape, while reading from an '82 transcript, in order to find out what has been cut out of the tapes by RTC.

Well, it didn't take me too long to find the first editing job.

The very first tape (Studying: Introduction) has several sections seamlessly edited out of the '87 version of the tape. Just cut right out. It's in the '82 version, but missing from the '87 version. Once I found what was missing and where it had been edited, I could usually tell something was funny by the change in tone and inflection in Ron's voice from before the deleted section to after. But other than that, there is absolutely no indication that the tape has been altered. No stray noises to indicate it had been done.

A bit past the half-way mark on side one, there is a paragraph that ends with: "...there's a frailty involved in the relay of this information that's the future of success of Scientology, and that frailty is right there. It could very easily become an unworkable subject."

In the '87 version of the tapes, they pick up with Ron saying: "But the point, the point I'm making here, is that all of this technology..."

However, if you listen very carefully, you will notice a definite change in Ron's voice when he begins this new section. There is a very good reason for this. RTC has edited out two complete paragraphs. Here is what they edited out:

"You could take all the GPMs in the world - what do you think would happen if you took all the GPMs and the total map of the bank, and everything exactly right, and gave it at this moment to psychiatry? I know what they'd do, they would immediately analyze Poe (Edgar Allen) to see how many times one of these words had occurred in one of his books, and then get the fractional recurrence of, and then try to explain why Poe was mad, or something like this, don't you see? This is probaly what they'd do with this material. It'd be monkey tricks, you know?

I even thought vengefully one day of sending all of the whole plot to the American Journal of Psychology - which, by the way, would absolutely fall on it's face and pound it's forehead to flinders if I were to give them an article. That's one of the reasons why they're a little bit mad at us. I have been soundly berated by them for publishing it with them, at least one of our case histories, because it would revolutionize all. You see, it can't revolutionize anything unless published in their magazine. I've been scolded by them for this, but I thought vengefully of just giving them the whole plot and let them publish it, see? And that would eliminate that!"

The next section that is edited, also has two paragraphs that have been deleted. There is a paragraph that ends with: "...the technique is one thing but the way it is applied is what makes the car go down the road; and that thing is the most likely thing to get lost. So therefore [this is missing from the '87 tapes as well], we're in business as long as an auditor can learn how to audit."

Why did RTC delete Ron saying "So therefore," from the above section? Because in the next section where they pick-up again, he starts by saying: "So therefore, when I am talking to you about learning..." It would have sounded odd for Ron to be saying "So therefore" two times so close together. You could tell that something was wrong. Here now, are the two paragraphs that were deleted from this section:

"You see, you don't have to learn anything actually to run GPMs. You can be handed it on cards. You realize this? You could probably be handed it on cards, and you could reel it off one way or the other in some kind of patter. You wouldn't even have to learn it, you know? You could just let it sort of go off like water goes off the duck's back, you see? You could parrot it, you see, from a list or a card, or something like this. It wouldn't have to be learned. You're not up against learning in that [perimeter]. In fact, if I ever hear of an instructor making some new student memorize a line plot so that he can run it better, I'll give him a GAE with exclamation points - the instructor, see? That would be the most gruesome thing. So, actually, in that particular case the technology is not something you would learn. You wouldn't even learn what's called the technique - you wouldn't dare! It'd just kill the student; that would be it.

If you ever find yourself bird-dogged by a spy from the Federal... (I don't want to be - pardon me, there are ladies present) why, just decide that he had better learn by heart - don't even pick out anything very rough, just give him one of the Helatrobus line plots and tell him, well, he has to start in by learning that by heart."

The next alteration I found near the end of side 1 was the deletion of a single sentance. There is a paragraph that begins with: "So, frankly, aside from classifying and knowing where the technology goes...". Within this paragraph is a missing sentence which I will enclose by [brackets] below.

"...You know what type of command should be there, you're going to learn that, but not the command. [You're not going to learn line plots, or GPMs, or something like that.] Well, this changes the complete complexion of..."

The last part that was cut out is on side 2 of the tape. There is a paragraph that begins: "Now, anybody that's been over the jumps of the co-audit here recently...", and ends with: "That's the test, because under similar circumstances, you ARC break a pc on itsa - oh, you get the comparison; very simple. Ha-ha-ha, you see?"

Immediately after this is the next deleted section:

"Well, God, all you have to do is drop a toothpick in R6 and you ARC break one. That must be pretty smooth. Now, I don't think there's doubts in anybody's mind in R6 that they aren't going places, and that the technology in running GPMs isn't doing some fantastic things, one way or the other, for pcs, and so forth. The result is being produced."

The tape then begins again with: "All right. Then that tells you that there must be an awful difference between..."

This covers all of the alterations of tape 1, from the '82 version to the '87 version. After I had finished listening to the '87 tape, and completed this write-up, I went back and listened to the '82 tape so I could absolutely make sure that Ron really did say what had been deleted. He did.

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