PDC-Tape 5 one sentence erased

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Virginia McClaughry vmcc@icehouse.net published on the 05 March 01 at [COSinvestigations] this message:

Alterations to the PDC Tape FIVE The Gradient Scale of Handling Space, Energy, and Objects. 2 December 1952

This is a comparison of two different versions of The Philadelphia Doctorate Course Tapes, 1986 and 1991 versions, comparing the tapes to the transcripts, and vice versa, in order to find out what has been altered in the '91 tapes by RTC/CST. (CST is actually L.Ron Hubbard Library-that's their DBA)

The following was completely deleted at the end of the '91 version of this tape.

"Now, what happens, what happens, if you by mock-ups, suddenly recover the ability to move this wall four feet closer to you and feel it?"

Again, this is a SEAMLESS editing out of the above statement, and I have a hard time understanding why the heck RTC/CSt deleted this.

It's just plain odd, why delete this?