PDC-Tape 24

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Subj: Re: Politically correct R&D transcripts Copyright 1998 dba (L. Ron Hubbard Library)

Date: 11/22/98 10:01:41 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: Safe

To: Fellow Scientologists

Hi Fellow Scientologists,

The more I dig, the more disturbing it is for me to keep finding even more OMMISSIONS. BOTWO the squirrel has been very busy while we all feel falsly confident that RTC is protecting us from squirreling "

We need to cry and demand for an immediate call to action! This is NOT funny.

I was just listening to an old set of PDC tapes Copyright 1977-1980, and on tape 24 Ron made a pretty funny statement and I quote him ...

"This was in Hollywood and of course no Bill in Hollywood would be interested in girls. <audience laugh>"

As I was reading my 1998 BOTWO R&D Vol 13 transcript on page 546, this text was totally OMITTED? Why? Just another "freak accident?"

That's right, GONE. The words were literally missing off my new R&D volume 13 by dba "L. Ron Hubbard Library" (Church of Spiritual Technology). So I immediately checked to see if I had an misunderstood words cause I know words can disappear because of MU's.

But I counted them all ...all 16 words were in fact MISSING.

If that isn't bad enough, I just found another 129 more words missing. On page 554 of new R&D 13, the first paragraphs last sentece ends with "And of course that finished him."

(NOTE: The following is OMITTED for this R&D 13 though Ron says these words on these old PDC tapes.)

"You'll find that comparative operation in Fimosa, the little nipple they did 50 years ago or so ... or more than that, a grap of a little island called Firmosa. Firmosa up until that time were headed by the Chinese and its mountains were full of headhunters ... and a bit of it had a lot of randomity and people were quite sick on it and the nipple however has take great care that no Formosan has risen to any stature that would permit those people to govern themselves. And the way it was done is by awarding prizes to learn the Japanese language and by carefully making a drug addict out of any leader that rises amongst the people. He carefully makes a drug addict out of him."


Then R&D starts in again on same page next paragraph (2nd) starts with "That is just typical of MEST universe control."

So the above 129 words were OMITTED between "And of course that finished him." "<129 MISSING WORDS>" "That is just typical of MEST universe control."

I'd be willing to BET that most have not noticed these unthinkable sins of OMISSIONS because the NEW PDC tapes themselves are probably edited out too. The tapes I listened to are 1977, 1980 when Ron was still around. People then were still very careful and strict with data, likely feared the wrath of Ron in altering his works. So everybody referenced source then.

I've read before in the freezone that our tapes are getting spliced, cut, and dubbed, but then I wasn't sure if this was the truth or not. Now I know from FIRST HAND listening and reading experience.

So how long are you going to allow this to happen? It should OUTRAGE you like it has me!

Do you think these are the only instances of editing out Ron's words? Why do you think L. Ron Hubbard Library started all over on the R&D volumes? The old "by L. Ron Hubbard" versions had already gotten up to Volume TEN, then CST starts them ALL OVER by introducing a new set? WHY? This is very suspicious to me now. That's why I'm buying every "by L. Ron Hubbard" version of everything I can get my hands on.

I want the TRUTH. I'm getting very tired of these nasty hidden changes going on and it makes me TOTALLY distrust the intentions of Church of Spiritual Technology and RTC. RTC has obviously done a LOUSY job at stopping ommissions from occuring. They don't seem to be wearing their hat!

I've documented these ommission carefuly. Now it's time our public Scientologist group puts ethics in on RTC. Who's going to have the first confront to tell David Miscaviage?

My friends, I'm pointing out to you BIG, BIG Scientological OVERTS that our 3D is doing. It's KILLING Scientology. KSW #1 is being violently assualted. Wake up, and quit standing around and do what you can do to handle this. PLEASE.

I want ALL of Ron's words to be preserved accurately, don't you? It's time to get off the high horse. There is NO EXCUSE to SQUIRREL. Let's get RTC to stop allowing our tech to be squirreled and find out why David Miscaviage has failed us in his duty to insure this could NEVER happen. We've got to get down to the bottom of this MAJOR, MAJOR out-ethics situation.

Yours for NOT squirreling,