PDC-Tape 15 one paragraph erased

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Virginia McClaughry vmcc@icehouse.net published on the 03 April Feb 01 at [COSinvestigations] this message:

PDC TAPE 15******Paragraph deleted

Alterations to the PDC Tape FIFTEEN The Logics: Infinity-Valued Logic 4 Dec 1952

This is a comparison of two different versions of The Philadelphia Doctorate Course Tapes, 1986 and 1991 versions, comparing the tapes to the transcripts, and vice versa, in order to find out what has been altered in the '91 tapes by RTC/CST. (CST is actually L.Ron Hubbard Library-that's their DBA)

A significant deletion was found in the 1991 L Ron Hubbard Library version of this tape.

Between Para starting "They deepen one's agreement..." and para starting "Just give you that word of warning..."

The following paragraph has been seamlessly edited from the 1991 version.

"You can get a much better fee - I tell you as auditors quite frankly - it's much easier to get a great deal of money out of somebody who's on a down spiral into becoming MEST than it is to get money out of somebody who is going on an up spiral toward becoming theta."