PDC-Tape-survey by Virginia - Introduction

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Von: "virginia" <vmcc@icehouse.net>
An: <COSinvestigations@yahoogroups.com>; <COSevaluation@egroups.com>
Betreff: [COSinvestigations] PDC TAPES COMPARISION-INTRO
Datum: 22. Feb 2001 22:58


I am now starting a project to compare both sets of PDC tapes, older, and newer, that I have.

Earlier I had found an important deletion to PDC tape 20, and as a result, I decided to compare ALL the tapes.


Starting with Volume 1 of the PDC, both sets contain six tapes.

The 1986 set says copyright 1978,1986 by L. Ron Hubbard
First Printing 1982
Second Printing 1984
Third Printing 1986

The Following acknowledgement is deleted from my 1991 set.

"The author gratefully acknowledges the editorial assistance of Ken Delderfield, Denise Delderfield, Jim Goding, Rosemary Delderfield Goding, John Reynolds, Shawn Linderman, Marty Kasowitz, Anne Geiberger, Gary Miller, Dave Caccavella, Jason Kwong."

The 1991 set is copyright 1991 L. Ron Hubbard Library.

It is of interest to note that the 1991 set shows no prior copyrights listed, like is done in most other cases that I have seen. Such as the 1986 set has c 1978, 1986, so theoretically the 1991 set should say c 1978,1986 L. Ron Hubbard, then c1991 L. Ron Hubbard Library.

I wonder why that is, or if it means anything-perhaps someone with copyright knowledge would care to comment.

Did they lose these earlier copyrights so can't list them?

There is a note in the 1991 transcript book, that is not in the 1986 set.

As follows:

"These transcripts have been prepared from the recorded lectures and written materials of L. Ron Hubbard in accordance with his specific directions for the publication of his recorded lecture materials."

Why is this in this set and not the other? Is this a pre-justification for what I may come to find?

We shall see..

There is also another note, in the 1991 version, and not in the 1986 version.

"Any outness found in these transcripts should be reported to:

LRH Book Compilations
Tape Transcripts editor
6331 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 106
Los Angeles, Ca 90028-6313 "

So, anyone wants to send in a report as we go along, with what is found, feel free!


The list of tapes for the 1991 version are as follows:

1. Opening: What is to be done in course
2. E-Meter: Demo
3. Creative processing:demo of E-Meter auditing
4. Locks, Secondaries, Engrams-How to Handle Them
5. Gradient Scales of Handling Space, Energy and Objects.
6. The "Q": Highest Level of Knowledge

It is interesting to note that although the transcript book has only c1991 L.Ron Hubbard Library, the tapes themselves have c1952, 1978 L. Ron Hubbard, c1986 L.Ron. Hubbard Library and P1986 L. Ron Hubbard library.

Anyone know what "P" means here?

The list of tapes for the 1986 version are the same as above.

However the notices on the tapes read differently. They read c 1952,1978 L. Ron Hubbard (USA and UK) and "P" 1986 L. Ron Hubbard (USA and UK)

Ok End of Introduction.