My Query of an Order on the faked SP-declare on Andreas Grosz helps members of the church of Scientology to keep out of trouble

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Scientologists fear to stay in contact with a person declared to be an SP, because of a "valid HCO Order". But what does LRH say on this? - Quite the opposite: If you know the person and he is not an SP, you would be very suppressive and do a high crime, if you handle him like an SP.

You don't only have the right to be in contact with a falsly declared SP, you even have the duty to do so. See this document for more info on this and the appropriate LRH-policy (quoted in the doc) and see attached proofs which you can download here: [1]

The PDF file did not load properly or your web browser does not support viewing PDF files. Download 070205Query_of_Order_on_SP_declare.pdf directly to your device.