LRH about the lines for SP detection

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“Suppressives must be located by Review“—and that’s where you’re coming in and that’s why I’m talking to you. We’re not permitting Ethics, anymore, to locate suppressive persons. They’re going to be located by Review Auditors in regular session. Do you see that? Because Ethics just flubs it too often. They’re not equipped for auditing and so forth. They’re interested in justice and that sort of thing, and they don’t go ahead with it and do a good job of it. So therefore, anybody walking into Ethics who is PTS, who has rolly coastered and so forth, is sent to Review. And that is the route.”

LRH in his lecture on the 14. Oct. 1965 Briefing to Review Auditors at 23 min 40 sec

Compare this data with the current practice of SP-declares in bulk on long-distant-lines by ethics-officers and HCO today!