Two posts made by Mike and Virginia McClaughry about their former websites in 2005

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Current Email address of Virginia and Mike McClaughry: Email vmcc.jpg

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 22 Jul 2005 01:44:09 -0700
Local: Fri, Jul 22 2005 1:44 am
Subject: My Domains offered for transfer

> >>From Mike McClaughry:

The following are domains that I am the owner of:

I am hereby publicly offering these domains for transfer of ownership.

These domains have served their purpose, and as it stands at this time,
they are not needed for what Ron has planned for information release on
a planetary scale.

My main requirements for transfer of ownership are as follows:

1. You must have an actual real name, with a real address and phone
number to match, that I can call you at. (no cell phone numbers)
2. You must be someone I have met, or personally spoken with.
3. You must formally agree in writing to me personally, that you will
not transfer ownership of the domains to any corporation, group,
person, registered agent, etc. etc of or relating to the Church of
Scientology or any of its other front groups or corporations. I may
also require that you state this publicly in venues of my choosing.

You may be wondering, who would I accept and approve transfer of
ownership to?

At this time, I am not excluding anyone for due consideration, be they
"critic" or not.

Those with serious intent to be considered for transfer of ownership,
please email me at, and we'll go from there.

I would hope that whoever responds with interest on this, would
continue on in the tradition of enlightening others in regards the
truth of Scientology - it's workability etc., as well as documenting
the ceaseless campaign embarked upon over 50 years ago to destroy it. A
campaign which included the infiltration of and taking over of the
Church of Scientology, resulting in what it is today - a travesty and
snakepit of lies and deception.

With that said, I want to also point out that I am not necessarily
holding this as a requirement.

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: "Virginia McClaughry" <>
Date: 12 Aug 2005 15:34:11 -0700
Local: Fri, Aug 12 2005 3:34 pm

First, this is the whois record from, as of
2Pm today, for

WHOIS Record For

Certified Offer Service - Make an offer on this domain
Backorder - Try to get this name when it becomes available
Private Registration - Make personal information for this domain
SSL Certificates - Make this site secure
Site Confirm Seals - Become a trusted Web Site
Registrant: Make this info private
McClaughry, Mike

16289 W. Summerfield Rd
Post Falls, ID 83854


Administrative Contact , Technical Contact :
McClaughry, Mike
16289 W. Summerfield Rd
Post Falls, ID 83854
Phone: 208-773-8240

Record expires on 13-Aug-2005
Record created on 13-Aug-2001
Database last updated on 02-Aug-2004

Domain servers in listed order: Manage DNS


Show underlying registry data for this record

IP Address: (ARIN &amp;amp;amp; RIPE IP search)
Record Type: Domain Name
Server Type: Apache 2
Web Site Status: Active
DMOZ 1 listings
Y! Directory: see listings
Secure: No
E-commerce: No
Traffic Ranking: 5
Data as of: 25-May-2004

As you can see, the Expiration Date of the domain as per Network Solutions
( is August 13, 2005.

Noone has contacted Mike who meets his requirements as of the time of
this post.

If Mike decides to allow the registration to lapse tomorrow, most
likely the Church of Scientology (Gwen Barnard DSA OSA CC Portland)
will try to be the first to buy it from Network Solutions.

Gwen Barnard, along with Russell Andrews have been harassing family and
other comm lines for months trying to achieve their goal of getting
Mike to sell the domain to the Church for

Russell Andrews is a Private Investigator with Triwest Investigative
Services, Inc. which is listed in a who what where as having a phone
number of 1-800-260-3484 and a number for Los Angeles Office as
323-254-5151. Email listed is

If you do a whois search on and .net, you
will see the owner is listed as the Church, and that these were
purchased I believe back in 2002.

Gwen Barnard has, to one family member behind our back, said that 'Mike
is channeling L. Ron Hubbard', which is not exactly behavior of a
Scientologist - more like the behavior of a Psychiatrist whose bible,
DSMIV (or whatever), lists belief in telepathy as indication of

Gwen also repeatedly called the family member at home and tried to get
the family member to contact Mike instead of doing it theirselves, and
attempted to pressure the family member in various ways. When told to
do it themselves, Gwen, in an attempt to again third party me to the
family member, said 'Will Virginia allow me to talk to Mike?' (This is
the 'Virginia controls Mike' (ergo Mike is some sort of slave) Black
Propaganda line first started here at our house by Erica Hauri)

Russell Andrews, has been 'making the rounds' of family and friends,
sometimes hiring out to other independent PI's in the Northwest Area,
since apparently last year. Russell, not too long ago, contacted a
family member and in this conversation proceeded to try and 3P us to
the family member by saying 'Did you know both her daughters are exotic
dancers?' and 'Did you know Virginia says that she talks to L. Ron
Hubbard?' and that 'Noone reads their site because it's too wierd.'
etc. etc.

Bearing in mind the above, where Gwen offers various lies to the family
member as to why they have not contacted us (one more of which is
basically trying to have it believed Mike can't be gotten ahold of) -
next Russell Andrews calls Mike maybe 1-2 weeks ago (blocks his caller
ID) and says that he is returning Mike's call to the PI hired in
Seattle to try and talk to one of my daughters (who refused) last
summer. Problem is, Mike didn't have an outstanding call to that PI,
nor had he made any such call in almost a year. So we have Gwen trying
to act like she can't get ahold of Mike to a family member behind our
back, but yet here is Russell Andrews on the phone with Mike AFTER
those calls to the family member, and he says nothing whatsoever to him
at that time about the domains.

Additionally, we have received phone calls from known Church ops,
trying to get Mike to give them or someone they know the domains, which
were refused. We have received a 'Joe Lisa' email, in which Joe talks
in a way Joe has never talked in his life, trying to get Mike to give
Joe the domain. When all of these failed, the Church was forced to do
their own dirty work and call directly, and on August 2, 2005 at
11:18Am Gwen Barnard calls and leaves a message in which amongst other
things, she does not delineate just what her post is in the Church.
Mike returns the call and gets her answering machine and leaves a
message. At 1:09PM Gwen calls back and proceeds to try and get Mike to
give her the domain. There were some very interesting tactics in this
call, one of which was when Mike indicated all the failed attempts of
their operatives (one of which was a front call by someone else for
Pierre Ethier), etc. etc., Gwen not only does she pretend she doesn't
know who Joe Lisa and others are, but she says very 1.1ly 'You don't
trust anybody.' which is an accusation of it being an anti-social
characterisic to not TRUST their lying operatives. What convenient
logic Gwen has there. This is another point of their campaign both in
the Church and out of the Church, is to try and have social
personalities viewed as anti-social, which LRH details in the bulletin
re: the anti-social, is exactly what SPs will do with these
characteristics once they know them. So here's Gwen lying and 3ping to
family members and acting like a psych instead of a scientologist, and
Mike correctly identifies the anti-social traits she is doing, and
correctly does not trust her, and she tries to turn that 180 degrees

Also of note, is that Mike brought up,'Are you going to bring up the
I'm channelling L. Ron Hubbard lie next?' She says 'I'm not going to
get into that.' Mike then basically calls her on the fact that no
Scientologist would have a problem with communicating telepathically to
another thetan, nor would they call it 'channelling'. Another
interesting lie that Mike debunked to Gwen as obviously sourcing from
the Church (posted publically by Lone Ranger on Mike Hunsaker's forum
no less), is that Mike is SELLING the domains. That is not what he
said, nor is that the case now. These domains were offered for transfer
free of charge, other than the renewal fees the person would have to
pay anyway.

The long and the short of the call with Gwen, is that Mike refused to
transfer the domains willingly to the Church, for any price, and told
Gwen that he may even just let them lapse since they are not needed
anymore for what LRH has in mind for the future. In either case, the
Church fails in coercing in whatever form, Mike to willingly
specifically give them the domains.

So, if in the future you see a new owner of, and you have not seen a public
announcement from Mike of HIM transferring the domain to that person
etc.? You will know it is because he decided to let them lapse, one by

And anyone who tries to portray that differently such as 'Mike gave the
domains to the Church' etc. etc.,? Or that 'Mike took down the websites
because of pressure from the Church' - You will know these to be the
lies that they are, and those that utter any variation of the above, or
any variation on the true events contained in this post, well then by
their actions you shall know them.