The History and Time Track of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology and the Fight about

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The ex-Guardian Member Mike McClaughry investigated the participation of the U.S. Government in the take over of Scientology. Data about that was presented in a Time Track form, which he published on his website, which is down since the summer of 2005.

Although pretty much the full content of their websites are fully available at the internet archiving website, most people do not know about this website. The website url is: .

Virginia taught me how to download the archives of the site for my personal viewing offline last year, and I did that. Although I had not heard back from Mike and Virginia yet, I went ahead and published the copy of the Time Track that I had downloaded so that people could benefit again from this work, as I did. Since then, I have heard back from Mike and Virginia McClaughry and have received their permission to use their work, with the caveat that they do not release any of their rights to their work just because I have been given permission to use it. They requested that the two posts concerning the status of the websites be made available, so here are the Two posts made by Mike and Virginia McClaughry about their former websites in 2005. Should anyone wish to email Mike and Virginia, here is their email address: Email vmcc.jpg

This work consists of more than 1000 pages, but was very helpful in our research what went on in Scientology. At the bottom you also find one big PDF-file. This is useful for those, who prefer to read offline or even print the book and read the hardcopy.

Don't expect, that all the data are true. They are definitely not. A lot of disinformation is intended by the original authors. Some of them were paid critics, who wanted to destroy Scientology by their books. That was not Mike's attempt in this version of the timetrack, to sort out the wheat from the chaff. He just put all available data on the history of Scientology into chronological order. With this time track I found out, that LRH was at least out of comm with his Scientogists since 1977: he lost his valuable commlines and never got them back. Only a very few people like Pat Broeker and David Miscavige claim, that Ron was still in comm with us through their hands. But can you trust these two people? Doubt just one of them and you can't believe anything what "Ron" communicated since 1977. And even Miscavige recognized Pat Broeker as a criminal[1].

So here is the last publicly known version of the time track of the history of Scientology, which gives a lot of insight into the question how and when the takeover of Scientology by the US-government took place:


I found out, that the work of Mike is a revision and enhancement of a former work, which is brief and only 86 pages long. For a quick overview I suggest to read the original research, which I published here: Criminal Time Track: A History of High Crimes Against Scientology and use the work of Mike as a reference, if you want to go deeper into the subject.