The History and Time Track of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology and the Fight about

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The ex-Guardian Member Mike McClaughry invested the take over of Scientology by the US-government and collected data on the Time Track which he published on his website, which is down since the summer of 2005. So we published our copy of it, to make the data available for everyone interested. I don't know, whether his decision to give up his website was just to save some money for the domain and hosting or whether there is any other reason for it. I haven't heard from him since years.

As also he used the work of another, who published the Time Track earlier (up to version 3.0 - as far as I remember) and added further data to it, which are from several books, websites and other works also and not in his copyright, I assume that this collection is in public domain. Please correct me, if this assumtion is wrong and if someone claims the rights on it and claims, that we violate the rights by this publication.

So here is the time track of the history of Scientology, which give a lot of insight into the question how and when the takeover of Scientology by the US-government took place:

Time Track of Scientology