LRH-Quotes on Dianetics and Clearing

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L. Ron Hubbard in the SHSBC Lecture of 28 March 1963 The GPM:

“It's a Goals Problem Mass and …that is the thing which keeps you from running a person to Clear through running engrams because sooner or later you run into some edge of the Goals Problem Mass and of course, it doesn't go out with engram running.“

L. Ron Hubbard in the SHSBC Lecture of 21 June 70 "Expanded Grades and Training"

“Every now and then, I understand it was being done in the Los Angeles area for a while, but every now and then somebody has been told that he has gone Clear on Dianetics. Well, now of course there is such a thing as a Dianetic Clear, but it is not a Scientology Clear and the person has not gone Clear until he has been on the Clearing Course in Scientology. But what we were making, what we were making as a Dianetic Clear, actually there is more to it then that, but Dianetic Clears actually exist. It is perfectly true don't you see, that after a person has been audited for a while, quite a while, on Dianetics that he can go Clear, he is a Dianetic Clear. And this Dianetic Clear however is not the same as a Scientology Clear, there are 2 different kind of Clears in this matter. And in the Los Angeles area I understand that some fellows were actually trying to feed the data and cognition to people who had gone and become a Dianetic Clear. They'd actually tried to feed their data to make them think that they had hit the upper level of Clear. And it had some rather bad repercussions actually. These people felt quite spinny. They, they knew basically that they had not made it. And yet they were being told by people that they had made it and so on.

There is a percentage of people who go totally Clear on Dianetics is too slight to give it much attention. I am now I am talking about the state of absolute Clear. So get the idea of the 2 kinds of Clears, well that's true, that's true, there is the Dianetic Clear who is without somatics and he feels great. And then as you go on up the line, why, there is a higher state of Clear, which is reached as a Scientology Clear. And some years ago this was clarified and we called the Dianetic Clear, we called him a release and this was more truthful in the matter. Nevertheless Book One is absolutely correct, there is such a thing as a Dianetic Clear and he does have those abilities if you continue to process him properly on Dianetics. And that is a Dianetic Clear and you move on up the line and you hit a Scientology Clear and actually the type of Clear which you are looking for is a Scientology Clear and not a Dianetic Clear.”

This clears up the relation between Dianetics, Clearing Course and Clear.