Why the U.S. is Slave to Israel - the Scientology Connection

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This was posted anonymously on a newsgroup on the Internet on 14 December 2002 and is mirrored here for your service:


The reason why the United States is slave to Israel is connected with Scientology, and ranks among the dirtiest, most closely-guarded secrets of both countries and their allies.

Nothing in this is about religious bigotry against adherents of the Jewish faith or against the people of Israel. This report contains a synthesis and analysis of sober fact about international politics and clandestine operations. It has been compiled from hundreds of sources, some of them operating in sensitive positions in countries whose people are not party to the events described herein and who merely want the facts exposed. This is not to say or even suggest that this report knowingly or illegally contains any specific information that has been taken from documents or records currently classified as military or state secrets in any of the named countries; it does not. The facts were accumulated from non-classified or de-classified sources, although evaluations of and conclusions from those facts have been incorporated into this report that have come from people well qualified to make such analysis and evalutation.

The facts themselves have had, and continue to have, an important, if largely hidden, influence on international policies and tensions, and go far toward explaining why the United States government has bent repeatedly to the will of Israel in making diplomatic and political decisions that have been destructive, if not disastrous, to its relationships with Middle Eastern and Eastern, and even some European, Scandanavian, and third-world countries.

Many observers have wondered how such a tiny nation as Israel has been able to keep itself at the dead center of the most explosive international situations, and always has been able to keep its superpower ally, the United States, standing by almost anything and everything Israel does, no matter how extreme, no matter how morally or ethically deplorable.

In the most simple statement of the situation, the controlling factor is mutual international political blackmail between supposed allies, among them Israel and the United States. The U.S. allies Israel, England, and France all know something that they, and the United States, want suppressed at all cost: that the intelligence branches of all of these countries conspired to perform kidnappings and assassinations, among other international crimes, in carrying out the most egregious covert operations against Scientology, against its founder, against its principals, and against its adherents.

For many reasons--religious, political, and strategic--the Israeli government, among others, has been involved in U.S. and Western allied covert operations to take over Scientology since at least the mid-1960s. As just one part of Israel's involvement, but a vital part, Israel's Mossad sent Uri Geller to the U.S. in 1972 to be part of a covert U.S. domestic CIA operation, carried out in conjunction with the CIA's “Amazing Randi,” to discredit and “debunk” parapsychology around the world, just as the CIA was starting its Remote Viewing program in earnest. Israeli intelligence was well aware that the CIA program was based exclusively upon the secret upper-level works of L. Ron Hubbard, which had been stolen by three American covert agents who had infiltrated Scientology for that very purpose. The three--Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann, and Pat Price--then were “hired” on a secret contract to run the CIA research program for the benefit of the U.S. and her allies. Geller's and Randi's sole role was to scandalize parapsychology research worldwide in order to deflect public interest away from what the CIA was doing in the field--and the crimes that CIA was committing to do it.

But that was only one part of the much larger, international plan involving, minimally, the U.S., Israel, the Commonwealth, and France.

What was known as the Commonwealth at the time the operation began (England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, et al.), as well as France, have all been partners in these black intelligence operations against Scientology, and have been sharing covert information in the fields of parapsychology and coercive mind control research with U.S. and Israeli intelligence since at least the mid-'60s, the bulk of it centered around discoveries and techniques taken, and stolen, from Scientology.

For reasons explored and explained below, these central world powers--“the Western alliance”--conspired at their Intelligence organization levels to take over complete control of Scientology internationally, and in the process have committed almost every crime and atrocity imaginable.

This state-sponsored secret war on a peaceful religion by several of the most prominent Western powers, one of them the very seat of Judaism, constituted planned, coordinated, and tax-funded international terrorism on a grand scale. In their continuing effort to cover up their international crimes, these same allies now make an international spectacle of fighting against the very kind of terrorism that their own intelligence agencies invented specifically for the purpose of destroying a world religion.

The international crimes committed in this decades-long intelligence campaign--conducted behind the iron veil of “national security” secrecy--are secrets that the participating countries have held as leverage against each other, and Israel's knowledge of these dark doings is a trump card Israel has been able to play to extort cooperation from the U.S. in even the most disastrous international situations, with the U.S. then using its influence to bring along its other allies in bowing to Israel's mandates.

It is the hiding of these international crimes, and the desire of the perpetrators to keep them hidden for their own protection from prosecution and consequences, that has allowed the international blackmail and extortion to take place, resulting in insanely destructive foreign policies that have kept, and are keeping, many uninvolved countries of the world in a constant state of tension and violence, subject always to the unpredictable whims of the stumbling giant called America, which is so busy hiding its crimes that it no longer can think rationally.

The people involved at the highest levels have been ruthless, and have demonstrated that they will go to any length, including kidnapping, murder, and even the instigation of war in order to hide what they have done from the world.

It is a situation that has cost many innocent lives, and there are many around the world who want it to stop. That is why this report--a summation of what has been learned and analyzed about these international crimes--is being released now, in the hopes that reason, sanity, and diplomacy can replace blackmail and extortion as the motivating and controlling force in international relations.


Dianetics had been perceived as a threat to all mind-control research since the late 1940s. L. Ron Hubbard even announced in his early books that Dianetic techniques could unlock repressed memories of military mind-control techniques having been used on a subject, including the entire arsenal of techniques then being employed, such as drugs of many types and hypnosis.

It's important to understand that Dianetics was equally a threat to both East and West in the Cold War that dominated world politics for decades. The greatest threat of all was Hubbard himself, since he refused, ever, to allow his discoveries to become the exclusive property of either side, believing that the universal knowledge of the techniques was the only safeguard against Dianetics and Scientology being used destructively by either side.

In the West, the CIA, soon after the release of Dianetics, implemented top secret mind control programs--BLUEBIRD, MK-ULTRA and others--all part of their Cold War race against the Communist bloc in what CIA and others called “the battle for the minds of men.” The hopeless international stand-off policy called “MAD” (Mutual Assured Destruction) with nuclear weapons was a major factor in the super powers turning to mind control as what they hoped would become a very real weapon that might someday defuse the horrendous doomsday scenarios that MAD posed. One important part of the secret parapsychology research even included experiments in psychokinesis--the ability to change physical relationships remotely by mental or spiritual means only--fueled by a hope that this could be developed to the point of very literally defusing intercontinental nuclear weapons.

Quite in addition to parapsychology, though, the CIA mind-control programs had a darker side that included research in coercive and drugged interrogation, in actual control of behavior by many (and any) means, and in some of the many techniques loosely and imprecisely referred to as “brainwashing.”

Throughout those long-running secret mind-control programs, the CIA and its allied counterparts had to test everything against Dianetics to see if Dianetics could, indeed, lift the veil on memories of their more sinister interrogation and mental manipulation techniques. And in every case, to their endless dismay and frustration, it could. That's why Hubbard was able to write, entirely factually, that no matter what the governments of various countries said about Dianetics and Scientology, they had always known that it worked.

So intent was CIA to keep up with the latest developments from Hubbard that they needed E-meters to test metered techniques with. Since they couldn't overtly buy them, it was arranged for the FBI to raid Washington, D.C. Scientology headquarters in 1963 and seize a large number of the devices, at least some of which were handed over to the CIA for experiments. When the shoddy excuse for the seizure was finally overturned years later by the courts, and the U.S. government reluctantly had to return the somewhat used meters, a shipment of British-made meters was confiscated by U.S. Customs in a little-known incident in Minnesota, and the CIA has never had to return those.

Hubbard's research and developments, though, were openly published through the early '60's, and so the Western alliance knew that they had the same access to anything coming out of Dianetics and Scientology that the Soviets and Red China and their allies had access to.

But by April of 1964, Hubbard was doing research that he was keeping to himself, something with the esoteric name of “R6.” As what he called “a trial balloon,” he gave a small amount of the data (but not the correct data) to a few people--who promptly used it on others, even though he had forbidden such use. As a result, he said in an issue on security of the new materials: “...You must realize that we suffer, all of us, from the misuse of knowledge concerning the mind at a very early period. To place this data near such people as psychiatrists or even states places them in a position to enslave people... . A very small minority, receiving incorrect data did promptly use it harmfully on others after April 1964.”

Only months later, on 19 June 1964, CIA's Richard Helms--then Deputy Director for Plans, later to become Director of the CIA over the Remote Viewing program--sent a memo (in response to a request) to J. Lee Rankin, General Counsel for the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, saying “there is no evidence that the Soviets have any techniques or agents capable of producing particular behavioral patterns which are not available in the West.”

There is no question whatsoever that Helms in fact knew that Hubbard had begun to keep at least some of his higher-level research secret, and there is no question that the West was quite concerned about what access the Eastern bloc countries might have to Hubbard and his work, despite Helms's glib reassurances to Rankin.

But in that same memo (redacted by CIA), Helms also gave Rankin at least some glimpse into the U.S. Intelligence community's concentration on “new trends” in research in mind control, particularly parapsychology, and CIA's concern over Soviet directions--couching his statements in euphemisms like “second signal system”:

“SUBJECT : Soviet Brainwashing Techniques
“...At my request, experts on these subjects within the CIA have prepared a brief survey of Soviet research in the direction and control of human behavior, a copy of which is attached.
“...There are two major methods of altering or controlling human behavior, and the Soviets are interested in both. The first is psychological; the second, pharmacological. The two may be used as individual methods or for mutual reinforcement. For long-term control of large numbers of people, the former method is more promising than the latter.
“...The psychological aspects of behavior control would include not only conditioning by repetition and training, but such things as hypnosis, deprivation, isolation, manipulation of guilt feelings, subtle or overt threats, social pressure, and so on.
“...Particularly notable are attempts to use modern information theory, automata theory, and feedback concepts in interpreting the mechanisms by which the 'second signal system'...affect human behavior.
“...Current research indicates that the Soviets are attempting to develop a technology for controlling the development of behavioral patterns among the citizenry of the USSR in accordance with politically determined requirements of the system. Furthermore, the same technology can be applied to more sophisticated approaches to the 'coding' of information for transmittal to population targets in the 'battle for the minds of men.' Some of the more esoteric techniques such as ESP or, as the Soviets call it, 'biological radio-communication', and psychogenic agents such as LSD, are receiving some overt attention with, possibly, applications in mind for individual behavior control under clandestine conditions.”

Factually, the Soviets at the time were already far ahead of the West in parapsychology research for military intelligence and mind-control purposes. Not only had the Soviets established the more or less overt Moscow Laboratory of Bio-Information, but they soon would have a top-secret installation at the Institute of Automation and Electrometry in Academgorodok, (“Science City”), near Novosibirsk, Siberia. Known only as “Special Department No. 8,” it became a matter of great concern to the Western allies.

Western attitudes toward parapsychology and related fields was itself a major hurdle for CIA and its allied counterparts. Secrecy, and euphemistic soft-peddling like that in Helms's memo, was the order of the day in the intelligence agencies trying to make headway against Soviet and Eastern advances in the field.

Such was the atmosphere of extreme international tension when Hubbard unexpectedly made the upper Scientology levels (Clearing and the OT Levels) secret in the mid-to-late 1960s, at the very height of the cold war, and that changed everything.

The intelligence branches of the Western alliance no longer could be sure that Soviet and Eastern bloc intelligence wasn't finding a way to get their hands on the newly secret Scientology research, at what the West thought might pose an extreme strategic disadvantage to them. They also had no means of even knowing how dire the situation might or might not be, since they had no access to the secret upper levels at all. They had no real idea what Hubbard might be up to. They urgently agreed amongst themselves that the entire subject had to be taken over, not simply for national security purposes for any one of the allied countries, but for the lofty stated (amongst themselves) purpose of international security for “the free world.”

These plans already were being set into motion when L. Ron Hubbard added another level of extreme urgency, first by establishing his own “intelligence agency”--the Guardian Office--on 1 March 1966, and then, almost immediately, on 9 March 1966, making a surprise trip to Rhodesia. This was only shortly after Ian Smith had kicked England out and declared Rhodesia's independence. Because of its natural resources and location, Rhodesia rapidly had became a hotbed of covert operations from both sides of the Cold War, including a heavy clandestine Soviet presence.

When Hubbard went there unexpectedly--after having announced his final development of even more of the secret OT Levels--the Western allies were immediately alarmed. They thought that Hubbard might have gotten onto their plans, and believed that in retaliation he might secretly have delivered the upper levels to Soviet agents. CIA rushed agents into Rhodesia to locate Hubbard and mounted a combined operation with its allies to get Hubbard expelled from the country as fast as they possibly could--which they did. But they hadn't had track of him when first he had arrived, and they still didn't know what he might have delivered to whom. And so the heat was turned on high.

Hubbard had hardly returned to England before he turned it up still higher: he started “the Sea Project” (now called “the Sea Org”) and moved all of Scientology research and top management off of British soil onto international waters on ships, further foiling the Western allies' attempts at getting Scientology entirely under Western control. Hubbard then exacerbated things even more by visiting ports around the Mediterranean where the Western allies had only tenuous and uneasy intelligence presence and influence, while Middle Eastern religious and political influences dominated--influences known to have friendly relations with the Soviets, and decidedly unfriendly attitudes toward Israel and the West.

Desperate situations make desperate men, and so a desperate, even hasty (and extremely foolish) plan was then drawn up and put into motion by the Western allies--led largely by the U.S., the Commonwealth, and Israel--not only to take over Scientology, but get rid of Hubbard in the process, and to neutralize Scientology around the world by destroying its goodwill and replacing as much of it as possible with altered and sabotaged versions of it to be sold to the public.


The CIA's initial role was to work with the Mossad agents around the Mediterranean to drive Hubbard and his ships out of every port they could exert any control or influence over. In 1966 and 1967, the CIA also sent three covert operatives--Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann, and Pat Price--in masquerading as Scientology “public” at the United States “Advanced Organizations” to go up through the Scientology levels to the “OT Levels” and get access to and steal those secret materials.

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth contributed a small squad of new covert operatives to infiltrate the staff of Scientology, particularly the Sea Org and the Guardian Office. Reportedly, they already had several important agent in place, including Ken Urquhart, who had been placed as close as possible to Hubbard at St. Hill, East Sussex, in England. Urquhart is alleged to have been stealing copies of Hubbard's handwritten works from St. Hill (where they were stored), and passing them to his intelligence contacts for future forgery purposes.

Another Commonwealth mole reportedly sent into the organization by “The Friends” at MI6 was a former BBC reporter, Tony Hitchman, who had used his status and position to get close to Hubbard to interview him, then pretended to become an adherent so he, Hitchman, could report back to MI6.

Other key Commonwealth operatives were sent in or activated (some of them sleepers already in place). Considering the scope and importance of the intelligence operation, it seems to have been a relatively modest investment of covert personnel, but it was vital for the Western allies to keep it as contained as possible. Considerable evidence has mounted suggesting that among the most important Commonwealth operatives were:

  • Norman F. Starkey; South Africa
  • Ken Urquhart; Wales, United Kingdom
  • Tony Hitchman; United Kingdom
  • Laurel (Watson) Sullivan; Canada
  • Gerald “Gerry” Armstrong; Canada
  • Terri (Gillham/Armstrong) Gamboa; Australia
  • Janice Gillham; Australia
  • Hana (Eltringham) Whitfield; Rhodesia
  • Mike Rinder; South Africa
  • David Mayo; New Zealand
  • Tony Dunleavy; Australia
  • Kima (Dunleavy) Douglas; Australia
  • Brian Livingston; New Zealand
  • David Gaiman; United Kingdom, Mossad connections
  • Freda Gaiman; United Kingdom, Mossad connections
  • Jane Kember; United Kingdom
  • Robin Scott; United Kingdom
  • Leo Johnson; Australia
  • Irene (Johnson/Dunleavy/Howey) Dirmann; Australia

As these agents were getting fully established where most needed, Puthoff, Price, and Swann were advancing up through the Scientology “grades,” intent upon getting qualified for access to the secret OT Levels so they could “appropriate” them for CIA use.

On 2 January 1967, Hubbard seemed equally intent on turning the heat as high as possible: he flew to Tangier in Morocco, another hotbed of both Eastern and Western covert presence and political machinations, and established a base for “advanced philosophic studies.” He seemed determined to place himself and his secret mental and spiritual technologies at the dead center of Eastern and Western influence and control, where there were uneasy balances of power, and where both sides in the Cold War were more or less equally held in suspicion and distrust. And of course Scientology's prominent presence in a locale where Islam was prevalent posed its own specific threat to Israel and its interests, further exacerbating the international impact.

Puthoff was set up by CIA at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) with another CIA contractor, Russell Targ, some of the CIA funding being laundered through the politically-connected Church family of Texas.

Israel's Prime Minister, Golda Maier, launched Uri Geller's fame on a national radio address, then Mossad sent him over to the U.S. to work with CIA's Hal Puthoff in order to establish a connection between Geller and Puthoff's Stanford Research Institute facility, where Puthoff soon would begin and manage the CIA's secret Remote Viewing program. Geller was part of an important phase of the operation: a massive network-television fraud to be played out on the Johnny Carson show that would discredit parapsychology research around the world and kill much of the public interest in it so the CIA's secret programs, using Scientology's stolen upper levels, would be able to be run with as little unwanted attention as possible.

Geller's admitted work with the FBI and the CIA has ranged from using “Mind Power” to wipe KGB computer files and tracking serial killers, to attending nuclear disarmament negotiations in order to bombard and influence delegates with “positive thought waves.” For decades this aspect of his career was “too confidential and controversial to discuss” according to one of his many conflicting “bios,” this one in the literature of the “Heal the Kids” initiative, where he is on the Board of Advisors, along with former Israeli Defence Minster, Minister of Information, and Prime Minister, Shimon Peres.

Once Swann and Price had secured the OT Levels, the CIA made its first secret contract with Puthoff on 1 October 1972.

Within just two months, France initiated its role in the plan, announcing its intention to try Hubbard for criminal fraud. The Commonwealth agents Urquhart and Starkey arranged for Hubbard to rapidly leave his home in Morocco for Lisbon, then fly from there to America accompanied by two covert CIA operatives who had been assigned to the task: Jim Dincalci and former Green Beret Paul Preston. Hubbard left Lisbon with those two by plane bound for Chicago, landed in New York, was taken into “temporary” custody by U.S. Customs, and was never seen alive again.

Nearly a year later, after Hubbard supposedly had been “in hiding” with Dincalci and Preston in New York, a psychiatrically programmed and drug-dependent CIA hired Hubbard imposter returned to the Sea Org Flagship “Apollo” at Lisbon and was kept segregated from other Scientology staff and public by the Commonwealth operatives: by Ken Urquhart (as “L. Ron Hubbard Personal Communicator”); by Terri (Gillham) Armstrong (as head of the “Commodore's Messengers”); by Dincalci and Kima Dunleavy-Douglas (as “Hubbard” medical personnel--who kept the imposter medicated); by Laurel Sullivan (as “L. Ron Hubbard Personal Public Relations Officer”); by Gerry Armstrong as Port Captain of the Apollo; by Norman F. Starkey as Captain of the Apollo; and by the other operatives in their key roles. Amongst these few, they were able to keep “Hubbard” in near perfect isolation from any and all who had known the real L. Ron Hubbard--except for his family.

Mary Sue Hubbard and the Hubbard children were taken into private meetings with Commonwealth operative David Mayo and confronted with the full contents of their confidential and sacrosanct auditing folders, which had been culled by the government agents for every tiniest discreditable or embarrassing statement or admission. They were threatened with having it all published in several international media sources if any one of them failed to cooperate. They also were told that Hubbard was being kept alive and well, and that if they wanted him kept that way, none of them had better break ranks. For a while, none of them did.

The Commonwealth agents aboard and running the Apollo then arranged for it to be involved in a planned “riot” created by Dincalci and Armstrong and the CIA in the port of Funchal, Madeira. With that melee as a CIA-created excuse, it was moved across the Atlantic under control of the Commonwealth agents and moved from port to port around the Commonwealth-friendly Caribbean, carrying and hiding the phony “Hubbard” while the CIA set into motion its next part in the scheme: a domestic operation they humorously called “Snow White.” They had forged the written program for “Snow White” in Hubbard's name, with the story being that he had written it during the year he was “in hiding” in New York with Dincalci and Preston.

The overall plan was to use the United States's Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as the final control point for Scientology, under its “exempt organization” codes. To accomplish that, Scientology's Guardian Office first had to be removed so tax-compliant corporations could be set up to replace the existing ones. That's what “Snow White” was designed to do.

The IRS initiated legal process against the Church of Scientology of California (CSC), which was the mother church. This automatically involved the Guardian Office (GO) in defending CSC, but also there were important personnel in dual roles in both the GO and CSC.

The CIA then arranged for a covert operative named Gerald Wolfe to get hired at IRS (during a hiring freeze), and for Meade Emory to become Assistant Commissioner of IRS under Donald C. Alexander, where he would help oversee the operation of IRS document copies being “stolen” by Wolfe and conveyed to Guardian Office personnel. This was the heart of “Snow White,” with a handful of other operatives playing minor roles at other government agencies to give the appearance of a much larger scope. But the manufactured “theft” of documents from IRS was the backbone of it all, and became the central issue of criminal charges that were to be leveled against the GO by the U.S. federal authorities. Meade Emory not only was important in overseeing that part of the operation, he was to play a very important role in later bringing his tax expertise to bear on entirely restructuring Scientology for IRS control.

Commonwealth operatives Jane Kember and David Gaiman arranged for an attorney in the United States named Norton S. Karno and his firm then to begin representing CSC (through the Guardian Office) “against” IRS. In fact, Karno was in league with IRS, but was brought in to work the inside of Scientology and the GO at the highest levels. Once he was well established, the Commonwealth agents on board the Apollo arranged for property to be purchased in Florida (with Karno's help), sold the Apollo, and moved all of Scientology management onto U.S. soil. That was a very important step, all in preparation for its ultimate restructuring by Emory and takeover under the U.S. tax system.

The plan was moving along well, it seemed. But a very unfortunate thing happened: in late 1976 Quentin Hubbard decided to stop playing ball. He escaped and fled Florida, trying to get to his half-brother, Ronald DeWolf, in Carson City, Nevada. The CIA had their Mafia associates in Nevada track Quentin down first and murder him, leaving his body in a car outside Las Vegas, an apparent “suicide,” with Las Vegas mafia hood Ed Walters in place to handle the clean-up operations.

That crisis dealt with, Karno then, by 1977, brought in two of the most important agents of all, themselves connected both with the Commonwealth and with Mossad: brothers Sherman and Stephen Lenske.

The Lenskes were put in charge of dismantling Hubbard's own organization, the “Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International” (HASI), and, with that accomplished, were put in charge of managing Hubbard's personal business affairs and his estate. Hubbard was, after all, dead, by then, having been assassinated by the CIA, who had preserved Hubbard's body for later use in placing fingerprints on important documents, and for timely presentation at the announcement of Hubbard's “death.”

Once HASI had been revoked and the Lenskes had control of the estate, CIA signalled the FBI to raid the GO over claims of “stolen” IRS and other documents--the “Snow White” caper. At about the same time, Commonwealth agent Kima Douglas transported the Hubbard imposter from a hideout in Florida to a new hideout that had been set up by fellow Commonwealth agent Gerry Armstrong in California.

The Lenske brothers and Karno secretly began moving Hubbard's intellectual property out of CSC--where Hubbard had assigned it into perpetuity--and into the Hubbard estate, another important step in the plan. Only with the property in Hubbard's own estate could Meade Emory later secretly be brought in to implement the plan to transfer the property to new corporations Emory was going to create to facilitate IRS control.

With Mossad influence, Sherman Lenske, for public relations cover, was put on as President of the Temple Beth Torah of Granada Hills in 1979--while he was working as one of the primary attorneys representing the founder of Scientology.

In December of 1979, while Lenske was President of Temple Beth Torah, and while a drug-dependent imposter still was masquerading as the dead L. Ron Hubbard (which Lenske knew), Sherman Lenske wrote a will and trust for Hubbard, appointing Norton Karno as Executor and Trustee. Just a few months later, in February of 1980, Lenske and Karno then arranged for the Hubbard imposter to disappear, with the claim that Hubbard had “gone into seclusion” to research and write. In fact, the Hubbard imposter, too, had been executed.

Sherman Lenske was still President of Temple Beth Torah later in 1980 when he set about creating a new law firm called Lenske, Lenske, Heller & Magasin, the firm that would fully control the final total takeover of Scientology.

Sherman Lenske was still President of Temple Beth Torah in April 1981 when Commonwealth agent Norman Starkey, for show, officially “hired” Lenske and his new firm to represent “L. Ron Hubbard” in all business and literary property matters and litigation, as well as in one of the most important matters: probate for the Hubbard estate.

Lenske was still President of Temple Beth Torah a month or so later, when he sent a messenger to Mary Sue Hubbard with a letter, informing her that her husband was dead, and ordering her to abdicate from all positions of power within Scientology. The consequence of her refusing was the immediate publication of all culled counseling confessions of her and her children, as well as complete disinheritance for her and all of her children when the “official” death of L. Ron Hubbard was publicly announced.

Mary Sue Hubbard stepped down. The remnants of her organization, the Guardian Office, were eradicated by Lenske and his fellows.

Still President of Temple Beth Torah in Granada Hills, California, Sherman Lenske then carried out his Mossad orders and secretly secured the services of Meade Emory to oversee the creation of all probate papers for the Hubbard estate, as well as the creation of new Scientology corporations that would completely replace everything Hubbard had created, and would comply with all IRS rules and regulations.

Lenske continued to act as President of Temple Beth Torah right through the end of 1981, during which time he created, with Emory, the for-profit corporation called Author Services, Inc. (ASI)--through which he has received millions of dollars in personal profit--as well as the non-profit corporations Church of Scientology International (CSI), Scientology Missions International (SMI), and Religious Technology Center (RTC). It was also during this period that he and Emory designed the final and most important corporation, Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), into which Sherman Lenske, his brother, Stephen, and their partner, Lawrence E. Heller, would step as “Special Directors” for life, positions which would earn them tens of millions of dollars from Scientology's coffers, and in which positions they remain until this day.


The restructuring and takeover of Scientology internationally was finalized on 1 October 1993 with the signing of the secret “Closing Agreement” between the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America and agents representing “Scientology,” all of whom were working for and on behalf of Meade Emory, Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E. Heller. The signing was only the somewhat visible (though even it was secretive) culmination of the plan described in this document. Though Meade Emory--as a “former” IRS executive purportedly working “for” Scientology--was the mastermind of the final restructuring for IRS control, he was helped from the inside of IRS by his former colleague at IRS Assistant Commissioner level, Howard M. Schoenfeld, head of the five member IRS panel overseeing the operation for the interests of the United States government in perfecting the takeover.

Another vitally important part of the takeover has involved the methodical cancellation and removal of the vast bulk of Hubbard's works (the originals of which have been buried in titanium vaults on United States soil), replacing them with altered and rewritten works that are being sold around the world under fraudulent packaging as being the original works. This includes the “upper level” or “Advanced Technology” or “OT Levels,” all of which have been replaced by heavily edited or entirely rewritten forgeries that have been broadly disseminated by covert operatives, even including sensationalized but utterly bogus “copyright lawsuits” surrounding such dissemination, which suits were filed only in order to add a scent of “authenticity” to the forgeries. This part of the operation was crucial to keep the technology that the U.S. and her allies committed so many crimes to control out of the hands of current and potential future enemies. However much the reputation and goodwill of Scientology and Hubbard were destroyed in the process has been of no concern whatsoever to the government agencies involved, and has even been considered by them to be a beneficial side effect, helping to drive people away from any interest in the subject at all.

The crimes committed in this long-running operation are believed to include international embezzlement, grand larceny, theft, forgery, and extortion on a grand scale, as well as international kidnapping, and murder.

It is the shared knowledge by these governments of their mutual complicity that has allowed them not only to hold each other hostage to this conspiracy of silence in order to hide their crimes against individuals, organizations, and mankind itself, but to hold many peaceful and innocent nations and their peoples hostage to their cover-up of this insane drama for decades.

These dirty government secrets have led to uncountable desperate, destructive, and despotic acts not only against individuals who came close to finding out and uncovering these secrets, but against other nations and world leaders, all for the sole purpose of protecting and hiding these evil and unforgivable actions of a few debased criminals who wrapped themselves in the mantle of “national security” in order to carry out one of the largest and most heinous and completely unmotivated crimes in all of history against a peaceful and benign religious philosophy, its founder, and its adherents.

This document is issued without restriction to all the nations and the peoples of the world so that they might understand the actual and previously hidden motivations behind the incomprehensible acts that they observe being conducted by these governments, and so that one day the surviving perpetrators can be brought to justice. And may the guilty live in the eternal infamy they so richly and rightly deserve.